Question 4: You state that a hydrogen refueling station is used to fuel vehicles. Can a hydrogen refueling station also refuel special hydrogen fuel cell machinery such as loaders, work equipment, and handling equipment in general?

Answer: Yes, it is possible. A prerequisite is a compatible connection according to the international standard and the corresponding technical parameters of the fuel tank in the mobile device. According to information from other countries, such “special” devices are usually charged up to 350 bar. For these purposes, APT, spol. s r. o. developed hydrogen filling stations of small design with the required capacity for refueling forklift trucks with emission-free operation. These stations are compact, easy to move, and thus can quickly meet the needs of different users. Small filling stations are designed for filling with hydrogen at a pressure of 250, 350 or 700 bar. The user specifies an individual specification when placing an order.