Research and Development

Development activity is one of the pillars of APT, spol. s r.o. Three projects have been announced and dealt with in recent years, the last of which was announced in 2013 and scheduled until 2023. Up to 10% of funds are allocated for this project each year.

  • V01 – Research and development of single-purpose technological equipment for processing and transfer of industrial gases in the chemical industry and other fields
  • V02 – Research and development of sensor networks, including sensors networks in automotive industry and other technical applications
  • V03 – Development of unique technology (know-how) and its modularity

Current research goals include:

  • Creation of unique, universal and complex system (methodology, technology) for addressing gas handling needs,
  • Development of universal modular filling system,
  • Development and innovation of technological and control functions of individual modules,
  • Integration of control systems of individual modules in order to increase the economy of operation and its security by ensuring more complex, faster and centralized data evaluation with elements of artificial technical intelligence,
  • Development of complex technology management systems by replacing discrete control systems of individual modules,
  • Certification of complex modular systems of different generations, and certification of partial solutions of individual filling technology modules (FS-XX system)
  • Analyzing the obtained results in order to apply them in other technical areas including partial verification
  • Focus on the development of equipment for pressure cylinder maintenance while minimizing human labor, improving its quality and safety, and reducing the burden on the environment.

The results of this research and development are regularly evaluated, audited and introduced into the commercial practice of APT, spol. s r.o.

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